Youve probably seen pictures of the old farmer with baggy overalls walking along with a forked stick, looking for a good place to dig for water. Digging a 20-30 foot hole was an awful job in the old days and you needed friends to help. They must have had alot of confidence in that stick. Dowsing is not only a phenomena of the eary 1900's but an very ancient practice as well as a modern miracle generating alot of research. On the Mendocino coast several subdivisions, a school, some Inns, and a couple of campgrounds have used dowsers say nothing of the many residential properties, I know it's wierd but it's a reality.

What do prayer,biofeedback, meditation, hypnosis, dowsing, and hands on healing have in common?---CONNECTIONS-- that's what--- connections with the inner self, connections with the universal creative intelligence. Call it by any name you wish. And--these 2 sources seem to merge together when one is involved in these activities. We are able to tap wisdom we thought way beyond our reach. Oddly enough these activities put our brains in alpha waves status also.

What happens when you dowse? Something moves in your hand. Favorite tools are bobbers, L-rods, pendulums, and the proverbial forked stick which is tweeked and held in a tension between your hands and it's stability changes as you get an answer. Some old time dowsers are actually able to get a feeling with their bare hands and don't need any tools at all. It gets wierder. Hey, I didn't believe it either. I watched an old friend do it and thought he was faking it until he showed me how to do it and I felt the movement. I'm a scientific person and figured it had to be a gravity warp. I thought that for 10 years. Actually how it works reminds one of the story of the blind men and the elephant. Each man feeling a different part and trying to figure out what in the world the animal really looks like. The whole picture is beyond our comprehension. Every dowser has a slightly different theory.

I look at this way. We're all dipped in insulation. Certain people have had it scraped away in some places and have specialized abilities or talents because they are able to connect with a source of great love and knowledge. The preacher, the psychic, the math genius, the inventor, the artist, they have a connection. If this is heavy for you, use discretion with the following stories because they contain graphic wierdness.

A woman named Mary Kunkle and I work together alot finding well sites for people. Many times we have been called to a site where 2 or 3 dry holes have been drilled . Many times we have dowsed out another spot and there is water there. Even in a dry area if we can just find 1/2 gal. per minute the parcel is buildable. It's a great joy to help people. Selling Real Estate I am in contact with people quite a bit that need that kind of help. Our area is not like the valley where you can drill anywhere. Moisture and surface water are easy to find but good flowing sterile well water flows in cracks and fissures in the hard rock. Underground streams are what we look for. One time the good spot was where 2 streams crossed according to the signs. The driller used a 30 inch "bucket" and when he got down there we were all able to look down and see the water coming in at right angles. When you can verify the information coming to you from beyond then you know youre not nuts.

You can ask other questions besides " Where's the water?" One time I took my post hole digger to put up a for sale sign on a new listing, The property owner said I couldn't dig there . She had had an awful time putting in fence posts because of all the rocks. I asked for a soft spot and dug where I got the answer. I found no rocks and was finished in 5 minutes. She could hardly believe her eyes. We always look to the heavens and say "Thanks".

My best story was when I needed a short length of chain to secure a gate for a client of mine who had piles of junk scattered over 1/2 acre. It was fine if his friends had a treasure hunt but the gate had to stay for the new buyer. Both rods pointed me in the right direction when I asked for the chain, I followed them until they swung out wide, which is my sign. I had negotiated around all sorts of stuff but where I got the response there was nothing at all. I scratched the leaves with my foot and there it was.--- A 3 foot long piece of steel cable with a loop at each end. I wrapped it around the hinge side of the gate, put on my padlock and hurried off to work. Coincidence?..Sure.. This was like looking for a needle in a haystack. I was guided to the exact spot.

You may think you don't know any dowsers but I' ll bet you do. Alot of people can do it. They're just not practiced at it or experienced but it works for them when they think to try it. They probably won't tell you because they're afraid you'll think they're nuts. There are 2 or 3 active dowsers in each little town here. There's Ben in fort Bragg, Charlie in Elk, Mary and I in Mendocino/Albion-- The well drillers know who the the dowsers are. ( Also called diviners and water witched because they used to use "witch-hazel" branches.) It's not 100% successfull. Mary and I have documented a 90% success record. Several things can happen to cause failures-- drills that veer off course, collapsing sand, perhaps the opening of a lower channel that funnels off the just found water. Just thinking the wrong thoughts or negative energy can get distorted answers. We now try to program our needs to include " no interference".-- and - It has to be for a good purpose.

You know dowsers are organized. There is a national non-profit society with chapters all over the U.S. We have a code of ethics and a newsletter-- and seminars. Some of the most interesting people in the world are at those seminars. You can join, you can go and learn how. They send dowsers out to help 3rd world countries, there are some people who are able to find lost children or the site of a plane crash. What a gift!

Write The American Society of Dowsers, Danville Vermont 05828-0024. E- mail address is ( They have scholarships available for young dowsers.)

There is also the Ozark Research Institute, authorized by the state of Arkansas to investigate "power of mind healing". They have documented some real miracles per medical records and x-rays. It was started by some gifted dowsers. Their conferences and schools draw health professionals from both traditional and alternative medicine fields. Their address is: O.R.I., Box 387, Fayetteville ,AR 72702-0387.

There's alot more to tell but it's too much to take in at one sitting . It's like trying to awaken from a deep sleep. Actually, if your brain is buzzing right now it's probably your clock going off telling you it is indeed time to wake up and realize we're not just meat-- and science doesn't know everything. So let's yawn and stretch and start to notice those hunches, ideas, and intuitions that pop into our heads from time to time. There's intelligence behind them and it may not be just random firing of neurons.

Maybe we should all try to scrape off some of that insulation and open up our minds for a connection, There's some pretty interesting stuff out there to download.