A Synopsis of "The Agreement"
a novel by Janie Tate © 2003

This is a story of male chauvinism reversed. Prior to a secret “Agreement” that gave them power over men, women were terribly abused. In the present, (mid 1900’s), men are now treated as women were (and are) around the world, ranging from physical abuse to subtle disrespect.

The setting is a small island in the South Atlantic. The people are isolated and self-sufficient. It was settled by pirates in the mid 1800’s. They brought their slave women ashore and enough of them lived to populate the island. It jumps ahead through several generations and stories are told to a 14-year-old girl, the main character, about the violence that turned the tables.

After the history is established you will read about life on the island. Stories and adventures include mysterious animal deaths, childbirth, a celebration with wine, corn liquor, and “happy bread” from hemp leaves… a few medical challenges. There is “living off the land”, sex, an invasion, and a surprise ending. There is also a serious problem that develops because of the treatment of the men. The ending points the way toward a solution to that problem.

The women have their own money system based on gold hidden by the pirates that originally settled there. A supply boat comes every three or four years and provides items they cannot manufacture or recycle. There is a lot of logic in this fantasy.

Their “religion” is based on dowsing, used in their communication with Guardian Angels. They call it “wishing”. They use “wishing rods”, forked sticks, and pendulums. They have devised their own water and power systems. They have farming, a vineyard, a distillery, and a foundry. The “doctor” on the island is a lesbian nurse, who uses primitive methods and herbs.

I believe it is a dynamite concept, controversial, and expandable into a series, trilogy, or screenplay.