BIO     Janie Morris Tate


Janie is a retired nurse, volunteer firefighter/EMT, and real estate broker.

One can’t say she is retired from music because old musicians never retire, they just fade out.


She was married to her TV cameraman James Morris, son of James Cruze’ sister Julia and Percy Morris who was a Paramount Studio employee and assistant to Producer James Cruze..


She continues to play bass in 2 music groups. Originally a guitarist and 30 year member of local 47 AFM, she now plays for fun and does occasional sound engineering.


Janie has written several self published books and has some published articles to her credit.


Always interested in electronics, her current cause is Amateur Radio, and is helping to organize other ”Hams” for emergency and disaster work. General License – call sign ki6cha


Janie is free to travel to help promote this book.