A few poems   (More to come)

The Face Lift

I went to a Handsome Magician
With a fountain of youth in his case
And when he completed his mission
Ten years disappeared from my face

It happened while I was sleeping
The second best trick of the day
He covered my soul for safe keeping
And time just floated away

My smile was no longer perky
My eyes were droopy and sad
My neck looked much like a turkey
Then he pulled my youth from his hat

Now whenever I think we are victims
And nature has all the control
I remember the Handsome Magician
Making diamonds from pieces of coal


                                                                                  dedicated to Dr. Morgan
©Janie Tate 1997


The Wedding

I was present at the wedding of the ocean and the sky
 The day they came together in a storm
The clouds wore dark tuxedos as they ushered in the wind
 And I buttoned up my collar to stay warm

The waves were lovely bridesmaids, they were dressed in silver lace
 They flirted with the rocks along the shore
Filling tidepools with the bubbles of the finest of champagne
 The kind that always leaves you wanting more

I was present at the wedding of the ocean and the sky
 The ceremony lasted half the day
A promise in the thunder was echoed by the surf
 Forever they would honor and obey

As it lingered there between them to give the bride away
 I saw a tear fall from the setting sun
The ocean and the sky were then connected in the rain
 And the holy water joined their hearts as one

dedicated to Lorri Wharton
©Janie Tate 1995

The Housewife's Lament

The house is clean by 9:00
By 5 it's a disaster
To pick up behind your kids and dogs
You need a maid much faster

I washed your clothes, they made one load
I hope your heart will soften
A smaller washer we must buy
If I do them any more often

If you want a maid that works much harder
And acts a little sweeter
You'll have to pay her off with more
Than unkind words and peter

dedicated to my ex-husband


Winter Depression

The earth turns her back to the sun
I study the other side of the sky
And the wind blows

Flowers have shrunk back into the ground
Memories call me back into time
And the wind blows

Loneliness flows in rivers through my head
And drips from the trees
And the wind blows