Chapter 5

Job Hunting

"Maybe if I get a job I can have money to buy a better keyboard. I could play better and impress the other bears." Skruffy dreamed of a large group of bears following him and admiring him.

After breakfast the next morning he went outside and sat in the snow.

"I think I'll get my snow mobile out and look for a job."

It was so much fun riding his snow mobile that he forgot about a job. He liked to go fast and make a lot of noise. People in the Eskimo village had to hold their ears. He bounced over the ice and roared and sputtered through the icy mist. He made big tracks in the snow and dripped oil here and there. He felt very important and smart.

"I see the Tierra Club out there on the ice floe! Yahoooo! Here I come! You people will need to give me a job. I can do anything!"

It was peaceful out there on the ice floe. They were having a picnic and enjoying nature. All the lovely clean air was so clear they could see 100 miles. They spoke with quiet, polite British accents. They wanted to save the whales and make nice hiking trails.

"Oi say blokes, what the blazes is that teddible noise?"

"Tis a bloody snowmobile!" ---

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