Skruffy the Teenage Polar Bear

Children's Book

All he wants is to be important, get some respect, and be a rock star.

Oh, and go wild and have lots of fun, too.

He's a little bit generous and a little bit selfish. Sound like your normal teenager?

Almost, but not quite. SKRUFFY is a teenage polar bear.

Global warming is subtly evident in his misadventures with many colorful characters.

Growling and gamboling, playing tricks and barging in,

Skruffy annoys just about everybody -- other polar bears, Eskimos,

the military, oilfield workers, the Tierra Club, and other Arctic inhabitants,

including Santa Claus's Elves and reindeer. He's a bit of a jerk that only his mother can love.

Oh, and the cute little polar bear down the road likes him, too. Skruffy trundles his way into all kinds of trouble,

learning hard lessons along the way and becoming, sort of kind of, a better bear. He finally reaches his goal.

Skruffy on Youtube

Here are some 15 second samples of songs about Skruffy

mp3 files will be furnished with the book

The Reindeer's Revenge

The Walrus Beach Party

Skruffy and the Tierra Club

The Radar Station

Don't Hang Around With Skruffy

The Circus Song

Here is a sample of the book.

To download a PDF copy of this book + music put "Skruffy Book " in the subject and email Skruffy.

Skruffy's email

(c) 2003 Janie Tate, with Pamela Jaye Smith (

illustrations by: Sharon Elizabeth Hill

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